Artists vs. Walmart PROJECT

Artists vs. Walmart

CultureStrike has teamed up with OUR Walmart’s Black Friday Protests initiative to release graphics in solidarity with...

Visions from the Inside (2015) PROJECT

Visions from the Inside (2015)

CultureStrike, a national pro­migrant arts organization, is releasing illustrations based on letters written by...

Climate Justice PROJECT

Climate Justice

Our growing Ecological Justice project cultivates a network of diverse artists to tell new stories about who is...

UndocuNation PROJECT


UndocuNation festivals bring together musicians, writers, and other artists to promote humane immigration policy in...

UndocuWriting PROJECT


UndocuWriting creates an intentional and incubating space for undocumented writers to hone their crafts, connect with...

A Message from CultureStrike Director Favianna Rodriguez

“Art has personally transformed me and given me a voice. I have been fortunate to meet many other artists who wish to build a better world through their creative practice. I have always believed that art can shape politics in a way that no other medium can: it has the ability to change hearts, shape our laws, and speak truth to power. I hope you'll join CultureStrike in supporting artists and building shared strategy with social movements.” Donate Now!