“Until We Are All Free” Art Kit

Art has the power to move our imaginations and bodies, transforming the emotional and physical spaces we share. It has the power to build and transform social relations and to bring about equity and justice.

In collaboration with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV), CultureStrike has created an easy guide to help you with making stencils, banners and other art projects for your future events, marches and actions. At Mobilize the Immigrant Vote and CultureStrike, we start with culture because we root our work in the values and long histories of the communities we serve.

From workers’ rights to migrant rights, the art kit includes over a dozen free stencil templates and three large banner templates by artists: Favianna Rodriguez, Julio Salgado, Rommy Torrico, Olivia Hernandez, Roberto Trujillo, Micah Bazant, and Oree Originol. It also includes two short videos (below) that take you step-by-step through stencil and banner making.

If you have questions or suggestions to improve this kit, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at: sonia@culturestrike.org.

This toolkit is for you: Free. Downloadable (here).




A Message from CultureStrike Executive Director Sham-e-Ali Nayeem

"It is through art and culture that we are able to shift our collective consciousness and transform this grim political climate we find ourselves in. There is a significant cost our communities pay when we are not the ones uplifting our own truths. We have a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our creative alliances and shift cultural narratives that harm us. I invite us all to imagine the kind of world we wish to see and assert the safety and dignity of our communities." Donate Now!