Sonia Guinansaca

Knowledge Lab & Operations Manager

Sonia Guinansaca is a Queer Migrant  Poet and cultural organizer from Harlem, NY by way of Ecuador. Has co-founded and help build  some of the largest undocumented organizations in the country and in NYC.  She has also founded some of the first creative artistic projects by and for undocumented writers/artists. Guiñansaca’s range of work centers migration, climate justice, QTPOC , being a Queer Femme of color, and the role of artists in social movements.

A Message from CultureStrike Executive Director Sham-e-Ali Nayeem

"It is through art and culture that we are able to shift our collective consciousness and transform this grim political climate we find ourselves in. There is a significant cost our communities pay when we are not the ones uplifting our own truths. We have a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our creative alliances and shift cultural narratives that harm us. I invite us all to imagine the kind of world we wish to see and assert the safety and dignity of our communities." Donate Now!