How To Make: Hummingbird Picket Signs

Published April 1, 2017.
Featuring: Julio Salgado and Layel Camargo
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
With both the March of Science and People's Climate March coming up this month (April 22nd and April 29th respectively), we had to bring y'all another video to inspire y'all to get your art going on!
Check out our newest instructional video (featuring Layel Camargo and Julio Salgado) in which we walk you through the entire process of making hummingbird picket signs!
To download the templates (designed by Rommy Sobrado-Torrico), please go to:
Also, check out our entire art kit ( for more templates to make posters, banners, stencils, and art booklets! All free for download!
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