Alexandra Tempus

Alexandra Tempus is a journalist who covers environmental issues and the social challenges facing indigenous communities in Wisconsin and beyond. Her fellowship work will investigate “the impacts of climate change on the Menominee tribe in Wisconsin, their reservation and their working forest, with a focus on historical trauma, displacement and the tribe's multi-faceted response rooted in indigenous wisdom. "

Freezing Moon

Exploring a native community's green frontline against displacement
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An excerpt of “Freezing Moon” (working title)

Wisconsin may be the land of dairy and beer and football, where you can drive for uninterrupted miles through corn rows and farmhouses and pickups hitched to fishing boats, but when you reach the Menominee tribe, the trees put a stop to all that. They form the literal border of the reservation, but also a border of ideas, between the Menominee way of life and the American way that’s as tangible and dramatic as the forest itself.

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