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Michelle Chen is editor of CultureStrike Magazine.

Decolonization Day

Reclaiming a Museum Space and Subverting "Natural History"
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On Indigenous Peoples' Day, one of New York’s iconic educational institutions got renovated; a space that had previously come to represent the curdled decay of a colonial past was brought into modern society with a takeover by contemporary inhabitants.

A Child's Eye View

Children's Stories of Refugee Journeys
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There are some things that kids should never see. But for the children who cross borders by land or sea, they are exposed to everything, and they are spared no cruelty on the long, violent journey to what they’ve been told is a safe space.

Pushcart Politics

Savoring Democracy on Every Corner
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A few weeks ago the nation was up in arms over a Trump endorser’s forewarning to American voters: opening up the borders to Mexican immigrants would usher in an era of “taco trucks on every corner.” The meme set the internet alight and flooded social media with both panic and celebration over the tantalizing--and to some repugnant--idea of mini Mexican eateries swarming like locusts over Middle America, in

When Migrant Women Marched in London

Remembering the "Strikers in Saris" 40 years later
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For one hot summer 40 years ago, West London was turned upside down: mass demonstrations filled the streets,  the hardscrabble city was on fire with radical fervor, and police and protesters clashed with a ferocity never before seen in postwar Britain. But this wasn't your grandmother's working-class uprising. Well, actually, it was. Because the chief agitators behind this affair were whom everyone least expected.

Castles in the Sky

Decolonizing Culture and Recoloring Fantasy
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Elena of Avalor is Disney’s new princess. She has been branded as the “First Latina Princess,” and hailed as a milestone for diversifying the Disney brand, and also reaching out to one of the fastest-growing consumer markets (and youngest demographics) in the country. She’s basically a brown-tinted version of the generic template: sparkly dress with baroque-slash-victorian aesthetics, the hint of an hourglass shape without distracting cleavage, wavy brunette hair betraying no ethnic peculiarities, and of course, a tiara.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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