A Stage of the Journey

Border crossers in Calais Blaze a Path through Art
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Today, European ministers are wrangling over arcane international accords somewhere in Brussels, trying to pull the United Kingdom back to the EU’s dysfunctional “family of nations.” Meanwhile, just across the English channel, another family of nations is struggling to hold itself together as European governments--whose modern existence was shaped by a refugee crisis of an earlier era--seek to push the new migrants out of sight and out of mind.

A Force of Beauty

Thoughts on Nogales, from Both Sides
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From a hill on the Mexican side you see the taunting red, white, and blue written in the steel of the roofline. The newly renovated Mariposa Port of Entry, guarding the border between the cities of Nogales and Nogales (Sonora and Arizona), is a poster child of free-trade economics. Despite a gloss of eco-friendliness and sleek iron-and-rock aesthetics, the new port—funneling more than a thousand trucks and a couple of hundred humans a day from one side of the rust-red the borderwall to the other—is, in the end, little more than an elaborate barrier.

Where Injustice Rolls

The Refugees of Flint's Water Crisis
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After being slowly poisoned by their government, the people of Flint, Michigan are finally getting some relief. But like the water itself, the crisis is spreading steadily and converging with an environmental crisis of global proportions.

Legitimacy Issues

Adopting across borders, searching for home
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Jordan Alam

In New York City, men on the subway always stare at me a bit too long. On an afternoon last year, a white-haired Bengali man stared long enough to start up a conversation. It began predictably:

“Where are you from?”

“Seattle,” I said, though I knew what he wanted. “But my family is from Bangladesh.”

He nodded, affirmed. He tried to speak to me in Bengali then but I cut him off quickly.

“I only know a little. I grew up here and we spoke in English at home.”


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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