HOW TO: Show Up for Refugees

The Trumpocene Descends on the Border, the People Rise to Demand Sanctuary For All
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(Amanda Priebe,


The moment has arrived. Have something to say (you better) and need a platform to say it (hopefully)? In these times when free expression faces unprecedented challenges--along with all of our basic human rights--we need as many weapons we can get in our creative arsenal to get out our messages. In light of Trump’s massively illegal, racist, and cruel “refugee ban”, along with his executive order to crackdown on immigrants within US borders, and as people rally under the banner of #NoBanNoWall, we’ll be posting resources here as a repository for tools, guidelines and inspiring content to spur protest art ideas. We encourage you to adopt and repurpose these tools of the trade as needed and share your own ideas with us.

And once you have started designing your own materials, send it on to Inaugurating Resistance, a new portfolio project by JustSeeds and allies, which is currently taking submissions of works related to the Trumpocalypse. They describe it as "Art to be used in support of peoples movements in response to the rising tide of xenophobia, racism, and misogyny in the U.S."



Art Build Techniques for Protest (by Roger Peet,

Our art and visuals can tell our story to those who see us or through media, make our actions more powerful, lift spirits and hold our space. It’s also a good way to involve folks, build momentum and have fun. Sometimes photos or even media coverage of an art build party can help get the world out. There are many ways to use images and slogans to get your message across.

COPY AND PRINT: download, and email to yourself or put on a flash drive and go to your printing place (like FedEx) or find out who you know who has a color printer or access to color printing. Make color copies (or black and white copies-depending on design) on 11×17 or 12×18 (if that is an option). It’s ideal if you can get cardstock or a heavy paper, or you can also mount them on cut-to-size posterboard/cardboard/etc using spray adhesive, glue stick, or tape around the edges.

ENLARGE AND ASSEMBLE: One way to make a larger sign is to enlarge  the design onto two sideways 11×17 sheets, cut and paste together on a rigid backing, to make one bigger 17×22 inch sign—or do it in 4 sections and make it even bigger.

ADD ELEMENTS: you can add a colored paper or painted border, use colored posterboard and leave a border, or add a not-too-dark color wash(watercolors or watered-down latex/acryic paints) to back and white designs….

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Other graphics and tutorials via David Solnit:



CultureStrike has of course developed our own “Until We are All Free” art kit with a simple How-To for creating stencils, posters and other visuals.

How the climate justice movement has deployed these approaches for a campaign in the Bay Area.


Today the cause is different, but the general ethos still stands.

David Solnit, arts organizer with, has fighting words:

“Art is one platform is where we can all become strategists, and think about how can we amplify our voices differently? Almost like boxers in a boxing ring. You have to constantly be on your feet, think about how to both dodge the blows of our opponents and throw punches they won’t expect.”



Stencils, banners and other templates from Until We Are All Free

To download via JustSeeds.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!