Taco Talk II

Talking art, eating tacos with Breena Nuñez
Written by
Breena Nuñez (breenache.tumblr.com/)

The second installment of Taco Talk, a space where we invite artivists to have some tacos while we chat and learn more about who they are, their art and process, and to uncover a bit of what drives their work!

For this episode, we are thrilled to present Breena Nuñez, illustrator and musician, at Taqueria Vallarta in San Francisco, CA. She reflects on her artistic inspirations--drawn from her community, the cultural vibrancy of the Mission, and the educators that cultivated her love for the arts early on--as well as the challenges of racial and cultural politics today, her band, and her cartoon doppelganger, Lisa Simpson.

Learn more about Breena Nuñez at her website.



A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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