Carving Through Borders


Carving Through Borders emphasizes sharing skills and creating collaborative artistic work via oversize block prints that give life to migrants' diverse experiences.  

The project draws inspiration from historic graphic campaigns that shed light on the humanity of everyday people whose stories are too-often unseen and unheard.  In this tradition, our Carving Through Borders portfolio illustrates various aspects of migration—detention, deportation, displacement, discrimination—and also communities' resistance and resilience.

Our launch portfolio featured the work of several artists from across the US: Santiago Armengod, Felipe Baeza, Carol Montes, Julio Salgado, Favianna Rodriguez, Susa Cortez, Oree Originol, Chucha Marquez, Imin Yeh, Emory Douglas, James Williams, Rommy Enciso, DJ Agana, and Erin Yoshi; it was printed by master printers and students from Syracuse University at the Southern Graphics Council International Conference in 2014 in San Francisco.  This collection of 13 oversized woodblock prints employed the traditional technique of printing using a steamroller to print on fabric.  

A fine art collection of these prints were printed on Japanese paper at Favianna Rodriguez’ West Oakland studio by printmaster Nichol Markowitz, and were exhibited at San Francisco’s Galeria de la Raza.  In preparation for the show, experienced print and graphic artists provided mini-apprenticeships and socially-engaged mentorship to local immigrant youth and community members who helped carve and produce a wood-cut billboard.  By getting their hands dirty alongside established artists, these emerging and aspiring creatives learned skills to incorporate into their own organizing and artistic practices.  


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"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!