Sometimes when you want to make change, you’ve got to get people on their feet to dance and sing for the revolution!  That’s just what our UndocuNation festivals do: bring together musicians, writers, and other artists to promote humane immigration policy in ways that get audiences moving.  But UndocuNation is not just another music and arts festival; like the Vagina Monologues or Theater of the Oppressed, our project is blossoming into a cultural phenomenon that lives and breathes, a concept that is both portable and participatory.

UndocuNation is produced in collaboration with our friends at the Center for New Community, and festivals have sprouted up in communities all across the US as we partner with local arts and migrant rights organizations.  In San Francisco, we partnered with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on a night that featured innovators and change-makers like hip hop historian Jeff Chang, author Daniel Alarcón, and the conscious comedians of Laughter Against the Machine—and guests walked away with free posters!  We’ve also produced festivals in Denver, Atlanta, Berkeley, and Charlotte, NC (held at the same time as the Democratic National Convention).  These past events have included performances, film screenings, art installations, music, and literary readings alongside workshops that teach local youth, organizers, and artists how to use art as a tool of empowerment.

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Check out our Events listing to see if an UndocuNation festival may be coming to a town near you!  If you’re interested in producing an event in your town, contact Julio.

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