Climate Justice

Published September 24, 2018.
Hosted by: Layel Camargo
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
In creating just and equitable climate solutions, we must center Indigenous peoples leadership and advocacy as the original protectors of land and life. Watch as we take the streets at San Francisco’s Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice march to hear Indigenous leaders & allies sound off on what it means to stay #ClimateWoke.
Published August 8, 2018.
“Hella Solar” is what happens when we become the students and youth of color become our teachers.
Starring: Layel Camargo and The Radical Monarchs (Anayvette Martinez, Angelly Casarrubias, Jonae Turner, Lupita Martinez, and Scaru Esteva)
Written and directed by: Jesús Iñiguez
Assistant director: Candy Guinea
Produced by: Frisly Soberanis and Layel Camargo
Director of photography:
Published July 3, 2018.
Featuring: Xulio Soriano (Mixteca) and Chelsea Ritter Soronen (ChalkRiot)
Directed, captured, edited, and produced by: Breaktide Productions
In the aftermath of the North Bay fires of 2017, local residents were vocal about the need to center working class people, migrant workers, and bridge language divides in post-crisis community care & re-development.
Artists are playing a central role in helping communities heal & honor the earth by bringing peo
Published March 7, 2018.
Dyami is a young urban farmer in Fresno, a community impacted by poor air quality due to factory air pollution, agricultural practices, and transportation emissions. Like many young people in affected communities, Dyami suffers from asthma.
Published on November 9, 2015.
Featuring: DJ Agana, Jennifer Johns, Julio Salgado, Josh Healey, and Favianna Rodriguez
Story: Gabriel Harrison
Written and supported by: Josh Healey
Directed, captured, and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
CultureStrike, in collaboration with justseeds Artists' Collective, have just released an art portfolio titled "We Are The Storm," featuring 22 pieces from 22 different artists from across the country (collaborative efforts with 22 different cl

Climate change continues to have a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable communities around the globe, including migrants and communities of color -- people who are typically marginalized in our society. CultureStrike, in collaboration with Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, has forged partnerships between artists and frontline environmental justice organizations to create a provocative, limited-edition art print portfolio, called We are the Storm, that highlights the urgency of climate change on these communities.

Our growing Ecological Justice project cultivates a network of diverse artists to tell new stories about who is affected by climate change and how we can all take action.

CultureStrike Magazine features the work of artists on the front lines of the immigrant rights movement through original reporting, criticism, fiction, poetry, and visual art.

A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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