Published September 25, 2017.
Written by: Jesús Iñiguez and Julio Salgado
Featuring: Julio Salgado
Directed, captured, and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
These last several weeks have been a very trying time for undocumented people in the United States. Here, Julio Salgado tries various methods of relaxation as he grapples with stress and anxiety, but like the DREAM Act and C.I.R., things don't necessarily turn out the way he wants.
Published September 12, 2017.
Written by: Jesús Iñiguez and Yosimar Reyes
Featuring: Yosimar Reyes
Directed, captured, and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
DACA has been rescinded by the Trump administration. This has meant that DACA recipients from across the country have seen their inboxes flooded with media requests.
Published August 30, 2017.
Hosted by: Chucha Marquez
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
Last week, we went to the "Imagine Justice" concert in Sacramento, a show about bringing attention to the mass incarceration epidemic plaguing our communities. We wanted to see how much people knew about the mass incarceration of immigrants, who are often detained solely for being undocumented. So we chatted with some concert-goers and here are the results. Educate, don't incarcerate!
Published on September 9, 2016.
In collaboration with the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), CultureStrike and AgitArte participating in a culture-build and week of action (8/16/16 - 8/20/16) with community members of the Inland Empire in California to bring attention to the nation's largest private immigrant detention center, operated by The GEO Group, Inc.: the Adelanto Detention Center.
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
Published on July 18, 2016.
Featuring: Zeke Peña
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
This past April, CultureStrike collaborated with El Paso artist Zeke Peña and Central American unaccompanied youth to conceive and paint a mural inside of a youth shelter in the El Paso area.
Published November 5, 2015. 
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
Time lapse of our event "Visions From The Inside: Connecting To Our Community" that took place on October 26, 2015 in downtown Oakland.
We joined forces with Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) and Betti Ono Gallery to install a temporary wheat-paste mural using images from the ‪#VisionsFromTheInside project.
Published August 25, 2014.
Featuring: Oscar Martinez
Captured and edited by: Jesús Iñiguez
Every year, the journey through Central America and Mexico for migrants seeking to reach the United States is a perilous one. In search of a better life, many risk their lives by hanging on to the tops of freight trains, and risk becoming targets of human traffickers.

Published on July 17, 2014.

Coming Aug. 2014: "Home in Time of Displacement " Anthology Vol.1 A collection of poems, short stories, plays and excerpts by writers who are undocumented.

Featuring work by : Alan Pelaez, Alexa Vasquez, Alex Aldana, Alexandra Samarron, Emilia Fiallo, Eunice Alejandra, Kemi Bello, May Liang, Sonia Guinansaca, Yahaira Carrillo,Yunuen Rodriguez.

Video Production: Jesús Iñiguez

Published July 29, 2013.
When Moses, an undocumented immigrant, is being deported from the promised land...there's only one friend he can turn to for a miracle. With a hilarious, trash-talking Jesús by his side, the two prophets come up with a plan to stop the deportation — and stand up for the human rights of all undocumented Americans.

18x12 inches

Digital Print


Originally handcarved by Chucha on a large 7'x3' wooden block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 18"x12" inches. Beautiful and potent.  

Statement from the artist:


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!