12x18 inches

Digital Print


Originally handcarved by DJ Agana on a large 3'x7' wooden block.

On July 4, 2016, CultureStrike, a national pro-migrant arts organization, is releasing a new round of illustrations based on letters and interviews from migrants caught in the for-profit detention system. This year we wanted to expand the project to other states, so letters were collected from detention centers in New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Washington, California and Texas by the advocacy groups End Family Detention,Families For Freedom, Familia Queer and Trans Liberation Movement, and Northwest Detention Center Resistance. The poignant illustrations, which were created by a diverse group of artists with a strong social justice art-making backround, explore the various identities and experiences detailed by migrants both inside and outside of the for-profit detention system.

CultureStrike, a national pro­migrant arts organization, is releasing illustrations based on letters written by detained women and children at the for­profit detention center in Karnes County, Texas, in collaboration with the advocacy groups ​Mariposas Sin Fronteras ​and End Family Detention​.​ These visual art interpretations created by a diverse line­up of 15 visual artists from across the U.S. will highlight the realities that migrants are experiencing inside of detention facilities, what led them to migrate away from their home countries, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Drawing on a rich legacy of political posters and graphics, Migration Now features a series of handmade prints addressing a wide range of migrant issues—including the right to move freely—created in partnership with Justseeds.  We believe that art drives ideas home in a way that is unmatched by any other medium—movements soaked in art can bloom, grow more powerful, and establish deeper roots.  

CultureStrike began in 2011 when we organized a delegation of more than 50 artists and cultural workers to head to Arizona to take on their dangerous SB1070 law.

UndocuNation festivals bring together musicians, writers, and other artists to promote humane immigration policy in ways that get audiences moving.

Migration is Beautiful butterfly proposes a new way to think about migration, rooted in movement, transformation, and captivating grace. From art prints to street art, clothing, and interactive experiences, this viral imagery reaches audiences on emotional and visceral levels, replacing images of fear with visions of shared humanity.

Carving Through Borders emphasizes sharing skills and creating collaborative artistic work via oversize block prints that give life to migrants' diverse experiences.

UndocuWriting creates an intentional and incubating space for undocumented writers to hone their crafts, connect with one another, and bring out a range of themes that speak to their experiences of migration.

CultureStrike Magazine features the work of artists on the front lines of the immigrant rights movement through original reporting, criticism, fiction, poetry, and visual art.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!