Boxed Voices

Voices from UK Detention Centers
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Most of us hear and see only cursory mentions of "immigrant detention" on the news--it's a clinical label, scrubbed of all the visceral emotion and social tension that constricts detained migrants just as forcefully as their cell walls do. Last year we saw flashes of the migrant detention crisis with images of kids huddled under blankets, exhausted from trekking across the continent, and of European asylum seekers thronging against metal gates and braving giant plumes of tear gas.

Across Two Continents, the Myth of Border Security

Refugees Adrift Between Strange Shores
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Around the world, the US has established the high water mark for border policing. Just ask the authorities on the Turkish Syrian border:

The governor of Kilis, Suleyman Tapsiz, points out Turkey has also been under pressure from the United States and others to tighten the border, and stop jihadists getting into Syria.

A Stage of the Journey

Border crossers in Calais Blaze a Path through Art
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Today, European ministers are wrangling over arcane international accords somewhere in Brussels, trying to pull the United Kingdom back to the EU’s dysfunctional “family of nations.” Meanwhile, just across the English channel, another family of nations is struggling to hold itself together as European governments--whose modern existence was shaped by a refugee crisis of an earlier era--seek to push the new migrants out of sight and out of mind.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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