When Migrant Women Marched in London

Remembering the "Strikers in Saris" 40 years later
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For one hot summer 40 years ago, West London was turned upside down: mass demonstrations filled the streets,  the hardscrabble city was on fire with radical fervor, and police and protesters clashed with a ferocity never before seen in postwar Britain. But this wasn't your grandmother's working-class uprising. Well, actually, it was. Because the chief agitators behind this affair were whom everyone least expected.

Across Two Continents, the Myth of Border Security

Refugees Adrift Between Strange Shores
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Around the world, the US has established the high water mark for border policing. Just ask the authorities on the Turkish Syrian border:

The governor of Kilis, Suleyman Tapsiz, points out Turkey has also been under pressure from the United States and others to tighten the border, and stop jihadists getting into Syria.

A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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