The Migrant Bard

Exile in Shakespeare's time
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​All the world might have been a stage to him, but Shakespeare's globe was also fraught with borders. Centuries ago, the bard who channeled the voice of the exile was moved to air a defense of the refugee. A new exhibition at the British library has revealed a previously undiscovered 400 year-old script, apparently penned by the playwright himself, for a unique group-authored play, The Booke of Sir Thomas Moore.

A Stage of the Journey

Border crossers in Calais Blaze a Path through Art
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Today, European ministers are wrangling over arcane international accords somewhere in Brussels, trying to pull the United Kingdom back to the EU’s dysfunctional “family of nations.” Meanwhile, just across the English channel, another family of nations is struggling to hold itself together as European governments--whose modern existence was shaped by a refugee crisis of an earlier era--seek to push the new migrants out of sight and out of mind.

A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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