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Castles in the Sky

Decolonizing Culture and Recoloring Fantasy
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Elena of Avalor is Disney’s new princess. She has been branded as the “First Latina Princess,” and hailed as a milestone for diversifying the Disney brand, and also reaching out to one of the fastest-growing consumer markets (and youngest demographics) in the country. She’s basically a brown-tinted version of the generic template: sparkly dress with baroque-slash-victorian aesthetics, the hint of an hourglass shape without distracting cleavage, wavy brunette hair betraying no ethnic peculiarities, and of course, a tiara.

Seeking, and Writing, a Greater Truth

Speaking on Identity and Authenticity in Publishing
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At the Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s 2016 Publishing Conference, Chris Jackson, publisher and editor-in-chief of the One World imprint of Random House, accepted the Workshop's editorial achievement award. His speech, excerpted in part below, broached issues that many writers and artists encounter when negotiating cultural boundaries.

A Bond of Poetry

Seeking Asylum through the Written Verse
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After spending 444 days in a detention center in Arizona, an immigrant bought her own freedom with poetry. Alexandra Golugosova, a thirty-two year old woman from Russia, with a facility for languages and a newly inspired poetic flair, sent her poems to people in return for donations and raised enough money to pay her bond, with the help of a poet friend and a group of LGBTQ immigrant activists 


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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