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Crude Matter

A Poem inspired by the "Take This Hammer!" exhibit


A poem inspired by the works in the "Take This Hammer!" exhibit at the Yerba Buena Cultural Center in San Francisco.


Crude Matter


it begins with

tending to the feeling

below the neck;

the feeling below the neck

is everywhere.

the feeling below the neck

is not everywhere,

Two Poems

Two views of motherhood
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Two poems by Maleny Crespo about motherhood and migration.


1. Existence


My mother became a woman at the age of 15. Two days after her quinceanera, she was gifted her first child. Her first born being me. Due to emotional and economic hardship in Mexico, she immigrated to the states. Existence is a poem embracing the beautifully painful reality of the wonder and difficulty my immigrant mother had to endure and how that is rooted at the core of my identity.


The Price of Migration Equals Slave Labor

The Moral Arithmetic of Border Crossing

As more refugee boats pour onto the shores of Europe and more migrants are deported back home, often to face even more dangerous circumstances from whence they came, many authorities in "destination" countries like the US and European Union nations have tried to create policies to supposedly "deter" migrants from making the perilous journey in the first place.

Taco Talk II

Talking art, eating tacos with Breena Nuñez
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The second installment of Taco Talk, a space where we invite artivists to have some tacos while we chat and learn more about who they are, their art and process, and to uncover a bit of what drives their work!

The City of Angels has Two Faces

Ramiro Gomez depicts the underside of the Sunset Strip
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When you look at David Hockney’s paintings of suburban Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s, you see glamor turned at a clever angle in the unforgiving sun, to mask the subsurface decay. It’s plastic surgery gone slightly wrong, the jagged lines clean and dirty at once. Pastel stucco walls hint at smudges of cheap lipstick and shattered plexiglass--the stuff that gets swept under the rug, literally and figuratively.

Dear Armen

How the story of a little-known dancer has inspired a new generation of Armenian artists

This interview and essay on a documentary project about the enigmatic performance artist Armen Ohanian elucidates the rich but cryptic history of a famous dancer of the early twentieth century. By playing on, challenging and ultimately subverting stereotypes of "the Orient" and the gendered cultural vernacular they entail, Armen--whose story has undergone something of a revival lately led by progressive contemporary artists--bestowed dramatic new forms of expression on a global audience.

The Migrant Bard

Exile in Shakespeare's time
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​All the world might have been a stage to him, but Shakespeare's globe was also fraught with borders. Centuries ago, the bard who channeled the voice of the exile was moved to air a defense of the refugee. A new exhibition at the British library has revealed a previously undiscovered 400 year-old script, apparently penned by the playwright himself, for a unique group-authored play, The Booke of Sir Thomas Moore.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

"Art is always a reflection, a testament and a record of our human condition." Donate Now!