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The Poetry of Trauma

Days of Tragedy, in Past and Present Tense
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Sometimes it feels like everything is happening at once. So came the events of the last few days, ricocheting with harrowing efficiency into seemingly every corner of the country, reverberating in the echo of shots fired into dead silence, cries of mourning from Baton Rouge to St. Paul to Dallas and again, to New York City. It's suspended in the tense withheld breaths of panic attack, waiting for the next attack to happen.

Childhood in War and Wilderneress

At 80, a Scientist Examines War and the Natural World
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David Suzuki, a noted Canadian scientist and environmental activist, has the privilege of being able to look back and forward on life. He’s lived plenty of it, and at 80, he can look back with a sense wizened humility and continuity that tends to accompany a well-lived life. But over the decades he’s earned the authority to speak out on issues of power and politics with the urgency that tends to accompany the values of a grandparent.

Airplanes and Cages

Going home in a body bag
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Reports have surfaced of torture and abuse of immigrants in federal detention, though perhaps the stories come too late. The migrants have been sent back to their countries of origin already, part of a group of 85 South Asian asylum seekers who were repatriated on a charter flight after they had attempted and failed to secure humanitarian relief. As far as the US government is concerned, they are non-persons, aliens, and so they were "removed", excised from the American body politic. Today many are back in a hostile homeland, fearing political persecution and mob violence.


A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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