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Refugees Unwelcome in Australia

Reading the Signs of a Humanitarian Crisis
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Australia has a problem with the refugees coming to its shores. These migrants, who have journeyed by boat hoping for safe passage through the guarded coastal border, might be fleeing war or persecution, but some officials worry about letting in the "wrong" kind of people. According to Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton, this island republic -- founded long ago on occupied Aboriginal land as a penal colony to contain criminal exiles of the British empire -- finds these refugees unfit for admission.

Boxed Voices

Voices from UK Detention Centers
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Most of us hear and see only cursory mentions of "immigrant detention" on the news--it's a clinical label, scrubbed of all the visceral emotion and social tension that constricts detained migrants just as forcefully as their cell walls do. Last year we saw flashes of the migrant detention crisis with images of kids huddled under blankets, exhausted from trekking across the continent, and of European asylum seekers thronging against metal gates and braving giant plumes of tear gas.

A Home for Books

A Refugee Reclaims her Homeland through the Stories that Healed Her
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April 27, 2016

I was raised in a suburb outside of Houston, Texas, where even today a purposeful life for a woman is one where she manages a home and family, while her personal aspirations may take a back seat until they are eventually forgotten.

Across Two Continents, the Myth of Border Security

Refugees Adrift Between Strange Shores
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Around the world, the US has established the high water mark for border policing. Just ask the authorities on the Turkish Syrian border:

The governor of Kilis, Suleyman Tapsiz, points out Turkey has also been under pressure from the United States and others to tighten the border, and stop jihadists getting into Syria.

A Force of Beauty

Thoughts on Nogales, from Both Sides
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From a hill on the Mexican side you see the taunting red, white, and blue written in the steel of the roofline. The newly renovated Mariposa Port of Entry, guarding the border between the cities of Nogales and Nogales (Sonora and Arizona), is a poster child of free-trade economics. Despite a gloss of eco-friendliness and sleek iron-and-rock aesthetics, the new port—funneling more than a thousand trucks and a couple of hundred humans a day from one side of the rust-red the borderwall to the other—is, in the end, little more than an elaborate barrier.

Where Injustice Rolls

The Refugees of Flint's Water Crisis
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After being slowly poisoned by their government, the people of Flint, Michigan are finally getting some relief. But like the water itself, the crisis is spreading steadily and converging with an environmental crisis of global proportions.

Two Poems

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Mother handed me circles. Carry these. Place them where everyone can see. Where you cannot forget. Draw yourself. Daughter, you’re more than a closed curve.

I carried them over mountains, swam with them in the sea. At night, I dreamt of salamander tails. Limbs regenerating. Awoke to find the circles missing. How could I return home? Daughter who lost everything? 



A Message from Favianna Rodriguez

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